Jet Stream is here—time to head south!

The jet stream is right over Colorado now and its strong winds make flying unlikely.

Compare this with the great conditions in Tapalpa, Mexico. It 40 degrees warmer and no jet stream!

Still a few spots available for Mexico P2 January 22-29—-6 pilots already sent deposits— and  3 pilots already sent deposits—Mexico P3 January 29—February 5.  Same low price as past years  $1,500.

Recommended flight price has dropped also.

Fly Tapalpa, Mexico

Parasoft has been guiding pilots to Mexico in January since 1990. Granger and Dixon White first took the paraglider pilots to Valle de Bravo. In 1996 we discovered that Iguala had more vertical, no crowds and softer air. We brought groups there for many years although there was only one launch site.

Launching at Tapalpa

In 2002 we discovered World Class Tapalpa with 4 other sites close by. With big launch and landing areas this is the best in Mexico! Tapalpa is a 2,500′ verticel drive-up site located one hour from the Guadalajara airport. To prepare for the 2004 World Cup Competition, a restaurant and bar were added.

Our trips include 6 days of flying. We see these as both a fun flying vacation and learning experience. To guide our clients well, we limit each group to 10 clients and separate them into 3 different weeks based on their experience and goals: P2, P3 and P4.

Tapalpa: It’s easterly face heats early in the day and guarantees for long flights each time—at least 20 minutes! With our driver and drive up access, pilots have enjoyed five flights in one day—that’s 12,000′ vertical in one day! We fly all six days in a single course.

We pick you up at the Guadalajara International airport on Sundays in our air-conditioned 4-wheel drive truck. Recommended Flight. Bring your shorts and lots of sun cream because the weather is great. We include single rooms at a comfortable hotel below in Sayula near the l.z Breakfast and site fees included. $1,500 for 1 week or $2,500 for 2.

Parsoft’s web site revised and improved

I have used this down time to revise and improve my web site.  We have added a blog for pilots to communicate about their flying, post links to their videos and tell others about their flying plans.  I will start with a blod about Mexico

Mexico P2 and P3  trios are planned for end of January. Five P2 pilots are starting January 22 and we have rented a large 15-passenger van to allow for more pilots to join us. We will be staying at the same Hotel de Los Patios in Sayula as always so that it will be a short drive to Tapalpa launch or San Marco.  I recently talked with local pilots that reassured me the road to San Marco launch has be regraded and is in excellent shape.

January 29th will be an exchange day to drop off P2 pilots and pick up P3 pilots—-3 so far have sent a deposit.  We will continue flying Tapalpa and San Marco but may add Colima and Hocotepec if the group wishes.

Each week is $1,500 or both for $2,500. Recommended flights prices have dropped to $469!   Recommended flights are here.

I look forward to guiding pilots for my 20th year in Mexico.

My flying is still dependent on my doctor’s approval.

Call me or blog me if you are interested in joining us.