Some Local Flying Starting Saturday!

Friday afternoon Ken Brunnemer and I got North Boulder ready for this years flying by putting  a new wind sock above the tank and reinstalling the permanent wind sock in the landing area. Now all we need is the winds to blow up slope!

Saturday looks much better:

Regional weather map showing High Pressure building from west and Low pressure moving away to east.

Local forecast calling for easterly winds this AM.
When will it go west this PM?

Pressure gradient -.23″ but barometric pressure  rising at front range airports!

Ground handling will start in park at 9AM and I will coach P2+ pilots later but OSMP has not returned my commercial license yet so no commercial flying yet!


Thursday will start slow &

Weather maps shows H to the west and Low to east so pressure gradient of -15″. NBR showing westerly winds early. Cloudy skies will slow heating and up slope flow.  Local forecast calls for easterly winds by 9AM.

20% chance of thunderstorms this afternoon so monsoon pattern continuing. I have P1’s starting at 10AM so you will be flying on your own after that.  Let me know what time you want to start.

Super Sunday

Today looks much drier than yesterday when cloudy skies arrived before noon and I observed only 2 soaring flights!

Pressure gradient -.15″ and NBR showing light west winds. Skies are clear and humidity only 23% so up slope flow will start soon and only 20% chance of thunder storms this PM,

Looks like a larger soarable window today.

I will start with P1’s again at 7AM.

Sunday similar: short, slow and soft

Saturday was a short day with thunderstorms coming early but some students got 3 flights before conditions shut down. I expect Sunday to be similar with 60% of thunderstorms!

Pressure gradient-.12″ and NBR reporting light west winds.  Humidity is 30%.  Local forecast showing west winds until 9AM but sunshine should cause up slope flow earlier.

Starting with P1’s again at 7AM. All wings being used.  Still have MS & ML Buzz Z4 and used ML Geo 2 available.

Wednesday I will not be available so let me know if you want to fly either Monday or Tuesday next week.

Wednesday looks great

Pressure gradient only -.04″ and NBR already showing east winds.  Local weather map shows mostly sunny today with NW cold front coming on Thursday? Local forecast shows easterly winds today with cold front passing tonight.

Expect active flying by midday and 20% chance of thunderstorms this PM.

Let me know when you can start. This weekend have big P1 group and no wings available.