Sunday’s slight upslope?

Local forecast calls for west winds all day but only west @5 m.p.h. this morning. Will morning heating be enough to cause up slope flow for a few hours this morning?

Pressure gradient -.13″and NBR still showing light west winds.

I will meet students at 7:30AM for either ground handling or flights as conditions develop.

Inversion broke about 7:15AM and strong westerly winds came.  Next week?

Saturday: still snowy and muddy!

Yesterday’s down slope winds ate up much of the snow but it still persists and left much mud on trail to launch.  Pressure gradient -.09″ and NBR still showing west winds.  Local forecast showing change to up slope flow by noon.  Winds aloft light today.

Thermal soaring forecast is fair today with thermals starting at 11AM and over development at 6PM.  We will start at 10:30 AM today. Let me know if you need a wing.

Tomorrow should be drier but local forecast showing west winds all day.

Saturday looks soft

Humidity is 60% and 40% chance of rain this afternoon.   Cloudy over the state.

Thermal soaring forecast is poor.  NBR showing light up slope flow.  Expect this to increase but rain more likely in afternoon.  Local forecast showing for up slope flow all day and strong westerly Sunday. Today is the day to fly this weekend.

Let me know when you want to start  soft flights. Starting at 10:45!