Friday stays west?

Pressure gradient -.15″ and NBR showing west winds.  Limited sunshine and adiabatic heating so west winds may persist. Weather map shows H to west and L to east favoring west winds. Tail winds all day?

I have 4 P1’s starting ground handling at 10 AM to avoid afternoon heat and thunderstorms. I now have 2 used ML wings for sale so feel welcome to ground handle them and practice reverse launches—got your 2 minutes of kiting?

Keep eye on NBR if you want fly before.  It has turned NE at 7:45AM!

Is Thursday the day for flying?

Thursday looks like the best day for flying until weekend. Local forecast shows light west winds today.  Pressure gradient -.15″ and strong winds aloft and mountain site showing  westerly winds.  NBR still showing westerly winds.

Will morning heating cause up slope flow?

WInds aloft are lighter now and mountain winds also.  NBR is showing up slope flow. We will start at 10AM. Let me know if you need a wing.

Sunday as good?

Yesterday’s post frontal conditions provided ample lift for 2 Ozone Delta pilots to soar. First Ted Smith flying a Delta for the first time climbed well over launch saying that he felt quite comfortable flying a Class C wing the first time. Not to be outdone, I launched my Delta and climbed to 2,000′ above launch before heading towards Lyons.  Concerned I was fighting into a head wind, I turned back after a few miles and landed at in Foothills Park.

Today’s pressure gradient is -.05″ and NBR is already showing easterly flow.  Sunny this morning and partly cloud this PM. NOAA weather radio is calling for SE winds 10-15 this afternoon—flight to Lyons?

Starting with P1’s at 7AM but no extra wings.