Sunday = strong west winds

Local forecast and NOAA weather radio agree: strong west winds all day so no flying nor ground handling today.  Rain and snow will start this afternoon so next few days look grim.

Reserve repack clinic this Friday starting at 5PM.  Come and  throw your reserve and assure yourself you are ready for unpleasant surprises in the air.

Placing new Ozone order on Monday. Gliders are taking about a month to receive.

Friday best day of week?

This week has not been good for flying with west winds on Wednesday and early over development on Thursday. Looking forward to fall flying!

Friday’s pressure gradient -.13″ and  NBR showing light and variable winds at 6:30AM.  Winds aloft are light. 30% chance of thunderstorms this PM. As it overdeveloped early yesterday, will start P2’s at 8AM today.

Approaching NW cold front makes flying unlikely Saturday.