Sunday is sunny again!

After several days of wet weather, it looks like sunshine has returned!

Regional map shows clear skies and high pressure dominate. Local forecast shows easterly winds by noon but I see bright sunshine on the hill and expect up slope flow to start sooner.  Pressure difference is -.15″ so it and NBR is showing lift and variable winds. Thermal soaring forecast is excellent starting at 8:45AM getting to 800’/min with no over development! I will start hiking at 9AM.


Another Soaring Saturday?

Last Saturday saw many soaring flights. Several flew north towards Lyons and beyond!

I floated around for 1/2 hour but never got more than 700′ above launch. My video and GPS track are here.

This Saturday looks fair.  Skies are clear and high pressure. Local forecast shows light easterly winds. Thermal soaring forecast is poor—-177’/min!

Air is starting cold—30 degrees—and lost of sun so things may change?

I am planning an intense P1/P2 course May 1-8th in Grand Junction for pilots want to earn their pilot ratings.

Thursday looks

I have finished the two videos from the P2 Ridge Soaring Trip to Grand Junction this month: Video #1 & Video #2

Price Dropped:

ascent_varioNew Ascent vario has GPS built in for only $349!

Thursday looks soft and short:Humidity is 63% and 40% chance of thunderstorms this PM.

Local forecast showing easterly winds until 6PM—thunderstorms?

Thermal soaring forecast is good—500’/min–starting at 11:30AM and over development at 3PM.

Sunday like Saturday?

It was good to get back in the air on Saturday after the flooding of last week. Conditions were mostly dry and we had light up slope flow most of the day and a group of PG pilots flew.

Sunday weather map shows an approaching NW cold front. This evening and night will have NW winds and rain showers continuing into Monday.

Pressure gradient is -.13″ and pressure is dropping at front range airports.

NBR is showing west winds now. Will this mornings sunshine be enough to over power the negative pressure gradient?  Local forecast say yes.

Keep an eye on NBR and we will ground handle or fly at 9AM.