Sunday like Saturday?

It was good to get back in the air on Saturday after the flooding of last week. Conditions were mostly dry and we had light up slope flow most of the day and a group of PG pilots flew.

Sunday weather map shows an approaching NW cold front. This evening and night will have NW winds and rain showers continuing into Monday.

Pressure gradient is -.13″ and pressure is dropping at front range airports.

NBR is showing west winds now. Will this mornings sunshine be enough to over power the negative pressure gradient?  Local forecast say yes.

Keep an eye on NBR and we will ground handle or fly at 9AM.

Sunday looks less sunny

Saturday was stupendous with flying most of day. Joe W. felt he need to pull big ears to get down?

Today humidity 45% and many clouds over state with NW cold front approaching. Not sure of effect. Partly cloud all day?  Local forecast shows easterly winds all day.

Will start again at 7AM with large group of P1’s.  Will be teaching again on Memorial Day if you need a wing.

NW cold front won and NW wings all morning as it passed. No flying until afternoon and over development predicted by 5PM!


Sunny then cloudy and hot

Forecast for Friday–Monday sounds similar: sunny in the morning, then cloud and heat in afternoon with thunderstorms. Looks live flying everyday but great?

Pressure gradient -.07″ and NBR and mountain sites showing light and variable winds. Expect sunshine to start up slope flow soon. 20% chance of thunderstorms this afternoon.  No P1’s so let me know when you want to start.