Sketchy Sunday

Pressure gradient -.19″ and local forecast calling for light west winds all day.  Sun shine will be key to up slope flow.  Early sunshine may cause up slope flow to develop.  Weather map shows clouds to north and winds aloft are NW so clouds coming?

Keep an eye on NBR and call me when you want to start.

Several of us flew on Saturday and it was nearly soarable by midday.  Today’s thermal forecast better.

Meeting Nick at 9AM.


Saturday sketchy?

Yesterday despite the cloudy skies, Joe Wright had his best ever soaring flight at 1PM on his Buzz Z3!

Today the pressure gradient is high at -.17″ and NBR showing strong westerly winds early. Local forecast suggests light winds and easterly winds by noon but morning thunderstorms suggest otherwise. Smooth flying today would occur between morning and afternoon thunderstorms?

Weather map shows clouds over CO and H to west and L to east—west winds!

Let me know if interested in classroom work later.


Slow Sunday start—west winds and TFR

Pressure gradient -.14″ and NBR showing light west winds. Mountain sites also showing west winds.  Although forecasts don’t call for west winds, it might take awhile for up slope winds to develop. Contact me when they do. 20% chance of thunderstorms this afternoon—same as yesterday and it rained very early.

TFR—presidential visit— is also in affect for Boulder area until 3PM Sunday so it does not look good for flying