Similar Super Saturday?

Friday’s flying was great with many pilots flying and several soaring including my former student Greg Kelly of Vail Paragliding while I was working with P1’s on ground handling.

Today looks similar:  local forecast shows easterly winds and front range airports are reporting clear skies.

NBR reporting light and variable winds so I will start with P1’s at 7:30AM.  Let me know if you need a wing—got a ML and MS wing to demo.

Approaching Canadian Cold Front = good flying!

Weather map shows approaching Canadian Cold Front. Steady NE winds and up slope winds should be the results.  Exact arrival today is unknown.  Follow it roughly on the map and then more exactly looking for NE flow  and temperature drop to start in Fort Collins and the Longmont.

NBR  reporting NE flow will show it has arrived.

At 12PM I see steady NE flow and will try a flight.

Jet stream is back!

Saturday’s break in winds allowed for great flying. P1’s were able to get flights early before strong, steady easterly winds allowed Brad M to soar about noon and he needed to hold big ears for several minutes to get down!

Jet stream is back today.  Only mountain sites have experienced strong winds early—Copper Mountain 31—46 m.p.h. but it is coming. Winds are forecast to drop latter and be 20–40 out of SW!