Tapalpa, Mexico Update

Our first group has had five great days of flying in warm Mexico. Our group has had several personal bests: Leslie Blatt is gaining confidence in thermal flying and Drew Lane has had his best thermal flights ever. P2 Eric Bader had  an hour plus thermal flight yesterday and an XC flight 1/2 the way back to the hotel today!  I have had 5 top landings and one glass off XC flight all the way back to the hotel—-~6 miles!

Tomorrow, Saturday, is the last day of flying for the first group who we will take back to the airport on Sunday and then take a week off before the second group arrives February 2nd.




3 thoughts on “Tapalpa, Mexico Update

  1. This trip to Tapalpa, Mexico was my first experience flying in thermals. I found I really liked it and was able to take what I learned on this trip to a thermal class in Goodyear Arizona. With what I learned in Tapalpa, I was able to fly with Shawn with AZparagliding in his clinic. I had a huge breakthrough on thermal flying. I was able to tow up to 2,500′ agl, thermal to 9K agl, 2 cross country flights over 50 miles each and get 15 hours of flying in 4 days. I could not possible have done all this without the training from Granger and then from Shawn. Thank you both very much!

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