Thursday was the day because Friday …

Thursday was a good day for thermalling. Launching about 1PM I was able to slowly climb ~200’/min to 807′ above launch and float around for 26 minutes! No impressive lift but it was only March 14th!  Video of flight is on Youtube. Not the smooth, flat 360’s I used to slowly climb.

After landing, I talked Kevin S.—-a P3 student— into a thermal that he was able to use for a few  climbing 360’s.

Friday looks like west winds. Local forecast and NOAA weather radio calling for west winds all day.  NBR and -.18″ pressure gradient confirm this.

Saturday morning looks like the best opportunity to fly this weekend. Saturday afternoon is forecast to have a 50% chance of rain. Sunday is again calling for west winds.

2 thoughts on “Thursday was the day because Friday …

  1. Will,
    I don’t like to fly on the edge:
    Winds Aloft Denver

    9,000 Feet
    Direction: 300° (WNW)
    Speed: 27 kt (31 mph)

    12,000 Feet
    Direction: 300° (WNW)
    Speed: 25 kt (29 mph)

    When they are over 20 knots at 9 or 12K’, I find something else to do.
    Winds were 28 m.p.h. at my house out of the west since this AM.
    You got lucky this time but next?

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