Waiting for jet stream to head north

The winds aloft are very high again today: DEN 2829-12 2748-17.  This means that the wings over Denver  at 9,000′ are at 280 degrees—West—at 29 knots—33 m.p.h. and at 12,000′—even stronger—at 48 knots.  Way too stronger for flying PG’s. You can see this here.

Why is this? Take a look at the jet stream map at jet stream map  This map shows the jet stream with winds at 100 m.p.h right over CO!

This is why we go to Mexico in the winter months—see previous blogs about our great flying and why we then anxiously wait for the jet stream to move up towards Canada after returning.

This is a good time to check your gear and have me do a annual inspection of your wing and repack your reserve   inspect

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