Weather outlook for week

Tuesday: NBR showing weak westerly winds. Pressure gradient -.1 ”  Weak cold front passing this afternoon bringing gusty winds . Local weather forecast shows mostly west winds.

Wednesday: Pressure gradient only -.05″ and NBR and mountain sites showing light winds.  Winds aloft light.  Will start P1’s at 8AM.

Thursday:  Pressure gradient -.13″ and NBR reporting variable wind directions.  Will up  slope heating overpower negative pressure gradient?  Local weather link shows west winds all day. NOAA weather radio does not mention west winds.

Friday: Pressure gradient +.04″ and NBR showing light winds. Local weather forecast is for easterly winds.  Thermal soaring forecast is excellent calling for active air by midday.

Saturday: Pressure difference is -.17″! Weather radio no calling for west winds yet NBR reporting gusty west winds.  Current winds aloft are strong westerly. Up slope flow will cause wind direction to shift this afternoon?

Sunday: Pressure gradient +.22″!  Winds aloft light at 9K and on surface in the mountains.  Sunny so should be an active day. I will start with P1’s at 7AM. Great flights yesterday afternoon, today looks good also!

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