Wednesday looks good

Post frontal conditions and NE flow today.  Pressure gradient is -.08″ and NBR already showing up slope flow.  Humidity 50% and hazy—thermals will develop slowly.  Thunderstorms likely this afternoon. No P1’s so we will start at 8AM.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday looks good

  1. Today was a rare day for ridge soaring conditions. I launched sometime before 10:00 in pretty strong and steady se wind and found broad smooth lift. It was perhaps the easiest flying I’ve encountered at n boulder. We had steady conditions here from 9:00 – 1:00. I’ve launched in similar southerly flow before and just sunk out. I don’t understand what the difference is. I bailed after a half hour or so because the lake was looking like gusty conditions were developing. Even out over the landing field, the air was lifting. I should have stayed. I’m getting more timid with age.

    • James, I watched you easily soar the ridge yesterday and I think the added thermal lift was from post-frontal conditions. There are no old bold pilots!

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