Wednesday was great & Thursday softer?

Wednesday started slow but by 1:15 when I launched conditions had improved. I patiently 360’ed in light lift for ~15 minutes before climbing 2,000′ over launch encouraging David Levin & new P2 Lothar to launch and soar with me for ~1/2 hour—-Lothar’s personal best flight of 68 minutes! I headed north towards Lyons when I huge Chinook Helicopter flew near me and caused me to alter my flight plan and land short. I will post my flight later.

Today local forecast :light winds in the with partly cloudy skies & high humidity—-it might take longer for soarable conditions today.  Soaring forecast a bit better than yesterday’s of 0’/min—I got 790’/min! NBR showing light winds. Let me know what time you want to start.  Another soarable afternoon?

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