Weekend update

Saturday started out windy with the passage of cold front. By afternoon it had calmed down and got smooth soaring flight about 3PM.

Sunday looks like calm early and then building.  Winds aloft much lighter and soaring forecast excellent.  NBR and weather stations above showing light winds.  Looks like another great day.

One thought on “Weekend update

  1. Today (Monday) was the first time flew without anyone around. No one on radio and no other gliders on the hill. As I hiked up I watched someone flying for over a half hour and I thought this is going to be great! I had to walk down to 3/4 because it was very North at upper. I let a nice cycle lift me and I took off in 2 steps. Then sink and more sink. How did he get into that lift band? I landed very short. My last two flights were long (for me over 15min) with good landings. Frustrated and beat up from fast rocky landing. If not a perfect 900fpm up day with 6mph East and nice staggered cycles then when? Arrrggghhh! LOL kind of happy no other pilots saw that!

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