Westerly winds on Friday?

Pressure gradient is -.12″ and winds aloft at 9K are 25 knots.  Weather radio calling for west winds this afternoon but they may also be here this AM!

NBR showing west winds 6–10 m.p.h.  Perhaps this will change with morning heating.

One thought on “Westerly winds on Friday?

  1. I managed to get lifted today around 3:00 I think. I made two judgement errors today that are instructional to me at least.

    I was following a thermal back and going up and over launch around 100 feet when I left the lift and so turned back to the west to find it again. Well it wasn’t there and I got into some serious sink. I turned back to the east but was sinking fast enough that I was wondering if I could get back out front About the time I was thinking I shouldn’t be here, I caught lift and got back out front. It was a cheap lesson.

    At the end of the flight as I was sinking out, I saw a good cycle coming across the lake coming from the south. Gangers windsock had been showing northeasterly wind. I was flying toward the south hoping to catch the cycel coming off the lake which didn’t work out. I flew back north to try to make the field as the wind there turned south, an event I knew was going to happen because I could see it coming. Anyway it was too late and I had to turn back into the wind too close to those houses. I ended up landing pretty hard close to the parking lot. In hindsight better to land out on the bike path and don’t worry about the field. Two cheap lessons.

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