Why Ozone?

Ozone Paragliders is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of paragliders today, but we are still a small and dedicated team of passionate pilots. Our philosophy of building wings by pilots for pilots remains at the center of everything we do, and our core mission is to improve our sport step by step through technological innovation and intensive R&D.


Ozone pilots have won just about every major competition in recent years; World, European, and countless National Championships including the Overall World Cup Title in 2009, 2010, and 2011. Ozone produced the highest performance paraglider in history, the HPP, and successfully integrated its revolutionary low-drag design into our current production wings in every class. Ozone also designed the world’s lightest paraglider, the XXLite, and the patented Shark Nose Technology which is now being featured in our serial class wings.


There are countless reasons to purchase an Ozone wing, but we think the most important reason is the feeling of True Performance that we strive to cultivate in each glider that we design. True Performance is a balance of ideals – it is not numbers on paper, or competition results, but the feeling that we think sets our gliders apart from the competition. We invite you to try our wings for yourself – please contact your local Ozone Dealer for a test flight and don’t hesitate to contact us for any reason, we look forward to hearing from you!


The Ozone R&D Team

One of the things we are most proud of is our dedicated and full time R&D Team. David Dagault, Russ Ogden, Luc Armant, and Fred Pieri are in the air above our test center in the South of France on every flyable day, unless they happen to be on a vol-biv adventure in a faraway location, or on a record breaking XC flight. The amount of research and testing completed by the Ozone R&D Team each year is exponentially more than an average paraglider company, and our designers aren’t just a designers, but also highly experienced test pilots, top level competition pilots (Luc, Russ, Dav, Fred, and Chrigel Maurer too), and paragliding instructors as well.

What this means to you: We think your Ozone wing has been tested more than any other design in its class, in a wide range of conditions and for thousands of hours by our team. Your wing’s design is the result of years of research, and is an original concept. Whether it’s a top level comp wing or a school wing, our test understands the pilot’s needs.


Bespoke (Custom) Software

The Ozone Design Software is totally unique and specially designed by our team, which includes engineers (Fred and Luc), fluid dynamics experts (Luc), and aerodynamicists (David Pilkington). OzCAD allows us to model innovative new profiles and designs with high efficiency. Performance prediction models give us unparalleled accuracy, allowing us to advance designs quickly and effectively. It was a crazy dream and OzCAD which gave birth to the HPP and BBHPP, which in turn led to the past 3 consecutive Overall World Cup Titles.

What this means to you: Your Ozone wing performs better in every respect. A cleaner sail and more advanced profile is crucial to safety, performance, and agility.


Our Wholly Owned Manufacturing Facility

We founded our Parapex Manufacturing Center in Vietnam more than 10 years ago, and our colleagues there are like family to us, quite literally. Our factory is a state of the art facility and we have a personal and daily relationship with the staff there. Our close relationship with our production allows us to supply pilots far more effectively and at a much higher level of quality than the majority of the competition, which often sub-contract with external companies and have less control over the build process.

What this means to you: You get your new wing faster, and it’s built better. Paragliders must be constructed to millimetre precision across the span, which is easier said than done.


Highest Quality Materials, Without Exception!

We choose the materials that go into each wing based on one factor alone: Quality. Since 1999 we have been performing constant performance tests and evaluations of every material available to us for use in wings, and our current list of ingredients is a direct result of our on-going testing. Each spec and weight of cloth is chosen to maximise suitability, durability and performance and minimize weight. The quality of our materials is a major part of the reason that our wings may cost more than the competition, but the cost of a cheaply built wing is always higher in the long run.

What this means to you: Your wing retains its high level of performance longer than the competition. Your wing will also be worth more when and if you choose to sell it on.



Industry-Changing Design Innovations

Since 2009 Ozone has been the world leader in performance paraglider design. The BBHPP was the world’s first successful 2-line design, and the technology which propelled it to the top of the world competition circuit has already trickled down to other wings in our range. Highly advanced profiles such as the new Ozone Patented Shark Nose, super low-drag line plans, revolutionary single-surface designs, and advanced sail construction techniques have made Ozone wings the world’s lightest and highest performing paragliders. Our track record is, in part, proven by more World Cup Task and Competition wins than any other brand in recent years. But we think it is mainly proven by many smiling faces in many landing fields around the world. We also love to support the many adventurers who have pushed the envelope of our sport in the furthest corners of the world.

What this means to you: Your Ozone wing is top of the line, and built using the latest and most advanced technology… and it’s ready for your own personal adventure, anywhere you choose to make.




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