A day of “firsts” and my longest flight yet!

WOW — more than 4 minutes flying, double what I’ve done so far. Started my 12th flight, and first from the upper launch at Foothills Park on Sunday.  Runway was short, but only required a few steps as winds were stirring and I caught lots of lift right away — admit-tingly there were some pucker moments as I flew out and away from the mountain. Tried “big ears” maneuver, but I didn’t pull hard enough and the the altitude had me a bit nervous.

Completed my first 360-degree turn which was necessary to burn altitude. Then I hit more lift which brought me right back up, so had to do 2 more 360s… That was fun! Now I know why there were so many folks at the launch site — they were planning to spend some time soaring like the hawks we had seen.

Here’s the video if you are interested:

Chris Ratay
P1, working on my P2..

6 thoughts on “A day of “firsts” and my longest flight yet!

  1. I probably won’t be able to start my P2 till the spring. (sucks) Keep it up. I look forward to more of your videos!


  2. Tuesday was a good day for flying. A pilot that didn’t know a reverse launch got
    a 20 min. Morning cook flight. ( Certified pilot had radio contact with him ) However, one pilot around noon did spin into the Mt. He flew without a radio.
    I could have been the first one to him but he appered to wave me off while
    sitting up. I sent a link

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